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Pendant Light Ideas For Your Home

If you are perusing this blog, more than likely you are in search for inspiration to liven up your home.  One way of creating a bigger statement within a room is pendant lights.  

Pendant Lights Defined

Pendant lights come in many sizes and shapes.  

A pendant light is any light fixture that hangs down from the ceiling on a rod or chain.

The suspension of a pendant light is where some can see the resemblance to a pendant necklace.

Pendant Lights Usage

Generally, a pendant light's utility stems from area lighting, general lighting, and task lighting.

There is a lot of versatility. 

Some areas where pendant lights can thrive are the following:

  • porches
  • dining rooms
  • kitchens
  • bedrooms
  • family rooms
  • entry halls
  • stairwells

General Lighting 

As previously mentioned, there is a versatility to pendant lights. 

It can work as the central fixture in any room. 

Pendant lights utilized as general lighting can reflect some light onto the ceiling. 

That light on the ceiling will radiate across, just to reflect down, which illuminates the space even more. 

This specific movement of light can help further illuminate the room or hallway itself.

Areas like the edges and corners within the room are more defined with light, this is one way pendant lights can be utilized as general lighting.

Area Lighting

One of the biggest difference between area and general lighting, is general lighting will light up the whole room as previously mentioned, but area lighting will only illuminate a portion. 

Area lighting can be supplemental to general lighting, but cannot illuminate everything by itself. 


Pendant lights will always remain a good option for creating more illumination and defining a room's atmosphere.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about how a pendant light can work for you. 

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