3 Useful Things To Consider When Choosing Wall Lights LightingWellCo


If you are in search of a surefire way to increase your home's ambiance then wall lights could be the missing link. This process could be overwhelming as you ask where to start? Our goal is to help guide you.

Functionality vs style could be your first differentiator, as wall lights comes in a wide range of purposes and styles. 

Wall lights are unique because not only can they tie-in a room through their design accents, but also serve a safety and functional purpose to illuminate areas in your space. 

1.)  Where Could You Use Wall Lights?

 As mentioned earlier, wall lights can be used in a multitude of areas, from your interior space, to even outdoors. 

Making sure your lights compliment the one installed in your ceiling is step one, as a wall-mounted light fixture helps further illuminate the space. 

On the contrary, replacing traditional over-head lighting with just wall lights provides more of an intentional atmospheric ambience. 

Areas such as bathrooms are the most popular placement of vanity lights, which are still considered wall lights.  Coupling a bathroom vanity light with a mirror provides adequate lighting and helps diminish shadows. 

Other Places Where Wall Lights Can Be Used:

  • Offices
  • Over Art Work
  • Outside
  • Hallways

The objective is to balance the supplemental functionality of the wall light along with complementing the current fixtures within the respective space.  If you can do this successfully, then justifying a wall light can essentially mean in any location. 

2.) Different Types of Wall Lights To Consider

Despite of the many different wall lights, there are only a few fundamental types, they are as follows:

  • Vanity/Bath Lights, these are designed specifically to radiate in a space that provides for no-glare, even lighting, and supplemental illumination
  • Picture/Spot Lights, this is useful for art work as almost the focal point of the room 
  • Reading/Swing Lights, if you have a spot where you read, this could help illuminate the area and increased adequate space, as it is mounted onto the wall
  • Downlights, are made for accenting walls, but from a more functional purpose will illuminate the ground below
  • Uplights, provide lighting that is focused upwards to brighten up a wall or for accent purposes

 3.) Installation Options For Wall Lights

At times wall boxes are unwanted where you have a wall light.  If you do not want an electrician's help, or you rent, you still have options. 

There are plug-in wall lights, where you can plug the light into a standard outlet. This will usually come with a pin-up set up kit, and you can hang the fixture up anywhere you'd like, with no wall box. 

You can use a plug-in wall light either by your bed, reading areas, or a home office.  This can be seen both as functional and decorative. 


Understanding which wall light could be a daunting task at first.  With these three things to consider we hope we've brought you closer to understanding the process of choosing a wall light. 

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